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About Us : The isolated and mysterious land of Northeast India is one of the most treasured and enchanting land with bubbling natural resources.
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Who We Are

Northeast India falls in the distinctive part of Indo Burma hotspots which ranks 6th among the 25 biodiverse region of the world. The region is a treasure trove for herbs, plants, animals and microbial resources. Despite of all the natural resources, North East remain one of the most secluded terrain of India with all the possibilities of economy rise. Realizing that some one has to take the intitative first, Association For Promoting North-East India (APNEI) stepped forward with unique ideas and concepts to attract attention of globetrotters to this part of the world.

APNEI is a group of people aiming to promote tourism in North-East region of India. The foundation of the organization was laid by a intellectual people from diverse fields with a sole purpose to ameliorate tourism. APNEI recogonized the immense potential of the zone as a tourist destination thereby collaborated with number of other societies and organization to show graphical increase in economy of the state. We as an active organisation intend upon making the whole region blossom economically as well as culturally with immense tourist footfalls from all around.

Our Plans
Our organization originates from North East India with most of our team members from this region. They know the diverse cultural and untapped natural richness of the zone. According to National Tourism Figures, if this paradise attains 20 % of tourist to North East India, the region would be able to show remarkable changes in all fields.

Funds have always been the major reason for North East not showing any major developments in past few years and APNEI intends to raise them through its small endeveour.

We at, APNEI, aim at promoting tourism in North-East India. We intend to present the true essence of the region and for this we have organized number of campaigns and shows. We are also trying to use other media resources through which can draw attention to the "Unexplored Paradise".

One example is our site on North East India ( an exhaustive encyclopedia which details on each and every aspect of the region. Its an effort by us to showcase the best of North East India in a simplest possible way. Through web medium, we potray the greener pastures to a larger number of internet savvy people. We have also tied with number of other organizations and societies which have similar cause and help us in doing so some way or other.

Our Tie-Ups
We have tied up with travel agents and agencies which sells cost effective tour packages. The travel agent we have picked up are reliable and are government affiliated so that there is no scope of discrepancy.

Travel companies, associated with us, are expert in providing a quality package meeting customer satisfaction. They have team of professionals fluent in foreign language like English, French, German, Spanish and Asian language. Plus, their excellent accommodation facility, catering and travel assistance are meant to put tourists at great convenience.

Promoting tourism in North-East India is not the sole purpose we stir with. We also try our best to meet the standard set by guidelines of sustainable tourism .Taking care of tourist's all need while they are on tour, we assure them that they enjoy their vacation in North-East India with utmost ease.

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Government of India with North East
Government of India showed good signs by taking steps in favour of tourism :
The ground laid by the Indian government was enough for APNEI to sow seeds and came with stronger zeal to promote tourism in North East India. You can help APNEI and North East India in achieving the desired by planning a tour program to this region. Your journey to North East India with us would be treasured.

We often hear of terror attacks by various activist groups in North East India. The overhyped media lays a not so good picture of the beautiful region. If one go by media it would be difficult to believe that region encompasses many charming tourist spots which could awe one's senses...We at APNEI promises to give you the exact picture of the state before you plan your tour.
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North East India North East India North East India
North East India North East India North East India