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Asvakranta Temple Pilgrimage Tours: Asvakranta Temple is famous pilgrimage destination of Hindus. Temple tours of this religious Krishana temple in Assam can be part of your pilgrimage tours.
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Asvakranta Temple Pilgrimage Tours in Assam

Asvakranta TemplesState : Assam in India.
Significance : A Pilgrimage Centre
Location : The temple is situated north of Guwahati in Assam.

Know Asvakranta in Assam
The temple of Asvakranta in Assam is situated in North Guwahati. An important and one of the greatest Vishnu shrines of Assam, Asvakranta is located on a rocky stratum touching the waterfront of the Brahmaputra. Asvakranta pilgrimage tours can be covered by motor boats that are available at Suklesvar Ghat (Guwahati). Asvakranta is favoured for its scenic beauty. From here one can enjoy the east-west expanse of Guwahati situated on the other bank of the river.

The Legend Says
Asvakranta literally means ‘ascended by horses’. It is here that Sri Krishna camped with his army before he defeated and killed Narakasur.

Aswakranta is associated with Krishna-Rukamini episode. It is said that Krishna's Asva (horse) was encircled (akranta) by the enemies at this place. It is also believed by some people that the place should be caged as Asvaklanta indicating that Krishna on his way from Kundil Nagar to Dwaraka had to rest here as his horse became tired (klanta).
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Sightseeing near Asvakranta
The Footprints of Lord Krishna
The temple tour of the rocky outcrop at the eastern side bordering the river allegedly contains a footprint, which is supposed to be that of Krishna. The devotees come to this place to perform 'Shraddha' ceremonies of the departed souls regularly.

Kurmajanardan and Anantasayi
The hillock beside the river contains two historical temples enshrining th erein images of Vishnu, known as 'Kurmajanardan' and 'Anantasayi', A long flight of steps has survived from historical times, which link the Anantasayi temple with the foothills.

The Aarparuat or the flat-topped Screen-Hill is a small island, only a hundred metres off the bank of Brahmaputra River. Apart from its natural beauty, this island is the abode of thousands of white cranes, which offer added attraction to the visitors.

Journey to Asvakranta
Airport : The nearest airport is Guwahati. From here you can easily reach Asvakranta by road.

Railhead : The nearest railhead is situated at Guwahati.

Road Transport : Asvakranta is linked by road transport via the Saraighat Bridge across the Brahmaputra. Other option is Guwahati, which is well connected with regular bus services from all the major cities in and around the state.

Water Transport : Regular ferry services are available to Asvakranta from Guwahati.
Asvakranta Temples
Staying in Asvakranta
Accommodation facilities are available at reasonable prices in Guwahati with options varying from luxury to budget hotels.
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