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Manas National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary: Manas National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam has many wildlife attractions of engangered animals, birds reptils. Take wildlife safari tours of Manas national Park this vacation.
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Manas National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam

Manas National ParkTucked in the foothills of the Himalayas in the Barpeta district of Assam and partly along Bhutan foothills, the Manas National Park in India is a dwelling for many species of animals. The picturesque landscape attracts most wildlife enthusiasts to have a trip to Manas National Park. Just imagine traversing through the dense forests or through the elephant grass with an inner urger to locate their wild beasts in their natural habitat. One one hand there would be excitement while on the other you might be shuddering. A tiger awaiting for its prey or the clattering langoors disturbed by your usurpation you can witness anything here. After securing the position of the WILDLIFE SANCTUARY, it has kept on adding feather in its cap. WORLD HERITAGE SITE ( declared by UNESCO), it is also an Elephant Reserve and Biosphere Reserve.

Flora At Manas National Park
The wood locks here moist and deciduous bestrewn with swamps. These wetlands are a requirement for the survival of the endangered hispid hare. The Vegetation ranges from Khairsissoo-bhabhar grass community to semi evergreens. There are intermediate stages of succession-deciduous forests, swampy reed lands and Sal forests. Among the common trees in the park are the simul, khoir, udal, sida, bohera and kanchan.

Wildlife At Manas National Park
If wondering what to see at Manas National Park the list is extensive. It is a shelter for endangered and rare species of as many as 55 species of mammals in addition to 50 species of reptiles, with a surprising 380 species of birds also including 3 species of amphibians. The prime attraction of the park are tigers, elephants, rhinoceros and wild buffaloes. But that does not mean that the list ends here. You can also find leopards, pigmy hog, red pandas, swamp deer, capped langurs, hoolock gibbons, sambar, roofed turtle, Hispid Hare and golden langur. Bengal Florican is the most important endangered bird species here. Among other frequently seen birds are ungle Fowls, bulbuls, Brahminy Ducks, Gray hornbills.

Commuting In Manas National Park
The best of the safaris are available here. Either enjoy a Elephant Safari or a Boat Safari in the Manas River, both are equally exciting. These safaris are of 3 hours of duration. The best time to have an encounter with most animals mostly wild buffaloes is when they come to river banks. So keep your cameras ready to capture that escalating moment. The elephant Safari is for taking you to the interiors of the forest. Even a Jeep Safari can be enjoyed here as the roads here are well laid.

Why Manas National Park
This sheltered abode of the wild animals mollycoddles the those wild untamed, those docile and those impish alike. This world heritage is a must visit if interested in nature and its miraculous creations. Many a visitors are attracted to this National Park for the immense beauty it has and the pleasure it gives.

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