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Assam Tea Garden and Tea Estates Holiday Tours: Assam Tea Garden and Tea Estates Holiday Tours is the best way to take a tour of famous Assam tea garden which is a major tourist attractions in North East India.
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Assam Tea Garden and Tea Estates Holiday Tours

History of Assam tea
Assam Tea Garden Wake up at morning and a sip of tea, perhaps it is one of the most rejuvenating experience one could have imagined and with Assam tea refreshment will be double. Assam is popular around the world for it's refreshing, full bodied malty tea. Assam tea had been cultured long back (about 2000 years ago) when tea was only consumed as a health drink or medicine by the tribes but it was the first time when Bodos, brought tea in the limelight. After the world recognition of this amazing beverage, geographical and economical configuration had been altered dramatically. Vast wild forest metamorphosed into beautiful embracing tea gardens.

Present scenario
Once neglected beverage is now the most prominent drink of world and India is the largest producer. About 400 millions kgs of tea per year comes from Assam Garden and Tea Estates. It contribute more than half of total countries tea production. Tea is an integral part of the amiable Assamese people as well as world. People starts their day with a steaming cup of brew and take it in a regular interval for refreshing mood. In India guests are welcomed by offering a cup of tea. In Assam the traditional way to taste the brew is in Bell Matel Bowl called "Banbati".

Tea Gardens Holiday Tours
Exquisite and incredibly silent tea gardens are bliss for eyes. These are mainly located in the upper Assam and southern Barak Valley region. Serene and holiday tours of smiling tea gardens, one of the major tourist attraction. Enjoy the lush greenery of the undulating tea gardens on both sides of the highway while driving to different tea gardens is an exhilarating sightseeing.

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Production of Tea
Production of tea is much like wine. Most of tea undergoes fermentation process, green tea is only exception. Shape of leaf, climate, method of production and soil are causes to give its characteristics flavor. Tea is of three types- Black tea, which is most consumed (more than 90% in the world). Unfermented Green tea, which is important beverage of Chinese and now these days researchers find many medicinal values in it and Ooglong tea, which is partially fermented. Assam is number one production center of black tea. Popularly known as "tippy teas", which is black tea with golden tips. Black tea usually of two types a) orthodox, which more export and have a high demand in the International market. b)Indians are mostly consume CTC (crush-tear-curl) tea because it is less bitter and produce a red rich color when they are boiled. Mainly, Assam is popular for black tea and Darjeeling is for CTC.

Life at Tea Garden
Life at tea estates is oblivion to most of the outsiders.Trees are grown in bushes,the tea bushes are about 3 feet in height with an even surface from the top of which the pluckers pluck the tea leaves. The lay of the land in a tea garden is waving so that excess rainwater or irrigation water does not remain standing at the roots but flows away after watering the soil. Unfortunately, life of tea workers is worsening day by day, at least 700 tea workers have died from diseases linked with malnutrition over the past year after closure of tea estates. Daily wages of tea workers are much lower than tea workers in Kerala and other states.

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