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Music and Classical Folk Dances: Music and Classical Folk Dances of North East India are the main part of any cultural festivals and famous tribal dance traditions in north eastern India.
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Music and Classical Folk Dances of North East India

Music and Dance of TripuraMusic and Dance of Tripura
Famous Music and classical dance are an essential part of the Tripuris. Garia dances are held for the wealth & welfare of the people; dances of the Reang community; 'Bizu' dances performed the Chakma community denoting the end of the Bengali calendar year; 'Hai Hak' dances of the Halams and the Cheraw dance related with the confinement of Lusai woman, are examples. 'Basanta Raas' is the enchanting dance of the Hindu Manipuris, residing in Tripura.

Music and Dance of Manipur
Manipur presents a wide spectrum of music and classical dance form, which are best way to revive and refresh the daily monotonous lifestyle of the people. Both hill and valley people of Manipur are very fond of songs and music. Mostly, all the folk dances are accompanied with songs, which are supported by distinct traditional musical instruments of Manipur
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The Music & Dance of Mizoram
The music and dance of Mizoram are basically performed during the religious festival time. Most of the dance and music of Mizoram are performed in groups. Both men & women participate in the performance of Dance and Music. The cheerful mood of the Mizos are expressed through their love for music. The drum and the gong are two traditional musical instrument of the Mizos in the state of Mizoram. The theme would mostly be narration of some events or praise of some hero or former villages, description of some hunt or simply of love. Bamboo Dance is the most colourful and distinct dance of the Mizos.

Music and Dance of Sikkim
Folk dances and songs are an ingrained part of Sikkimese culture. Most of the cultural dances related to the amazing beauty of the natural surroundings, some signifies the harvest season and others are performed for welfare. Many of the musical instruments that accompany the dances are unique to Sikkim. Almost all the dances are accompanied by the musical instruments.

The Music & Dance of Meghalaya
Meghalaya is the home of famous music and dance forms of North East India. The dances are associated with their festivals or seasons and hence enjoyed round the year. The dances are social, religious, agricultural, funeral and recreational. The land resounds the sound of perfect tempo, beautiful songs and traditional instruments. The dances of Meghalaya are mostly held under the open sky. The Garo community usually sing folk songs associating to birth, festivals, marriage, love and heroic deeds along with the beats of various types of drums and flutes. The Khasis and Jaintias are generally fond of songs praising the nature around them.

Music & Dance of Arunachal Pradesh
Music & dance are an integral part of every festival and occasion, taking place in Arunachal Pradesh in the northeastern part of India. Every festival is ceremonialised with much fun & fair, which also includes music and dance. The fold dance of Arunachal Pradesh are generally accompanied by traditional musical performed in groups. The people of Arunachal dance on important rituals, events, during festivals and also for recreation. Both men and women participate in the dance and music performances. Dance of Sikkim
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