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Buddhist Caves Tour of Meghalaya: Meghalaya Caves Tour includes famous Buddhist Caves and heritage mountain caves in North East India. Visit famous rock cut caves known for Buddhist sculptures.
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Meghalaya Caves Tour with Famous Buddhist Cave Heritage

Caves in Jaintia HillsState : Meghalaya, in the north east of India.
Best Time to Travel : Through out the year.

Meghalaya is a north eastern state of the Indian Republic. It is also one of the smaller states of India. It is bordered by Bangladesh with its lowlands to the south. To the north lies Assam, famous for its black tea, along the northern border runs the river Brahmaputra

The Caves of Meghalaya
Krem Mawmluh
The famous Buddhist cave is located about half a km west of Cherrapunji, adjacent to the small hamlet of Mawmluh. This heritage cave interestingly has a five-river way with impressive proportions. With a length of 4503 m, this cave is at present, the 4th longest in the Indian sub continent.
Experience Meghalaya Caves
Caves in Jaintia Hills
Jowai is a beautiful town lying on the Shillong - Silchar national highway, enclosed by the Myntdu River. Close to Jowai are numerous magnificent caves & caverns used as hideouts during wartime between Jaintia Kings and foreign intruders. The villages of Amlarem, Pdengshakap, Syndai and Nongtalang have many such caves and caverns. Other caves in the same hill are the rock cut cave of Eocene Age - Krem Um-Lawan, Krem Kotsati, Krem Umshangktat, Krem Lashinng, Krem Sweep.

Caves in Garo Hill
Garo hills known for its large stock of wildlife, should interest naturalist and photographers to capture the natural lifestyle of the flora and the fauna. Two mountain ranges - the Arabella range and the Tura range, passage through the Garo Hills, forming the great Balpakram Valley in between. The headquarter town of Tura is 323 km via Guwahati, at an altitude of 657 m. The highest point is Nokrek Peak, 1.412 m. The caves at this place are just amazing.

Siju-Dobkhakol is the third longest Buddhist cave in the Indian sub-continent. It is situated on the bank of the Simsang River, just below the village of Siju. It contains some of the finest river passage, rare anywhere in the world. It is the most researched cave in India and is the home of tens of thousands of bats. The length is 4772 m.
Experience Meghalaya Caves
Tetengkol-Balwakol (Cave of dwarfs with inverted feet)
At Nengkhong village, 15 km from Siju is the cave heritage of dwarfs with inverted feet (Tetengkol-Balwakol). The small and insignificant circular entrance of 1m diameter hides a large cave of 5334 m long, which is currently the 2nd longest cave in the Indian sub-continent.

Krem Phyllut
Situated in village Mawsmai, to the south of Cherrapunjee, this cave has a large section of fossil passage, two stream ways and three entrances. The length of the cave is 1003 m.

Dobhakol Chibe Nala (Nengkhong)Krem Soh Shympi (Mawlong, East Khasi Hills)
It has a large pothole entrance of 20 m depth. The cave passing is very large with several formations at one end. The length is 760 m.

Dobhakol Chibe Nala (Nengkhong)
The cave is situated at a distance of few hundred metres downstream from Tetengkol-Balwakol, on the river Chibe Nala. It is well hidden by a large rock. The length of this cave is 1978 m.

Bok Bak Dobhakol (Nengkhong, Rongdik Nala)
A rather complex cave which would appears to be a repeatedly active river sink. During wet weather the cave is completely flooded. The length of this cave is 1051 m.

This Meghalaya cave is Located at a distance of 58 km from Shillong. Several formations are available for you to see.

Krem Dam
Krem Dam is the largest sandstone cave in the Indian sub-continent. It has a very large entrance way with a stream entering the cave and running down its main path. The length is 1297 m.
Experience Meghalaya Caves

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