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Khasi Hills Holiday Tours Maghalaya: Khasi Hills are famous hill stations for making a Holiday Tours in Maghalaya. Travel to Khasi Hills to explore famous attractions and places to see.
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Khasi Hills Holiday Tours Maghalaya

Khasi HillsState : Meghalaya, in the north east of India.
Best time to Travel : September to May.
Weather Conditions : Pleasant, Pollution-free.
Location : Close to Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, India.

Know Khasi Hills in Meghalaya
Khasi Hills in Meghalaya forms the central part of the state of Meghalaya in the north east of India. Being close to Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is best known holiday hills resort in north east India and is regarded one of the best hill stations in the country.
Khasi Hill tours are the picture perfect destination trips in Meghalaya with numerous travel attractions and places to visit.

Travel to Khasi Hills in Meghalaya
Airport : Guwahati is the nearest airport from where Shillong can be reached by bus or car. Daily buses also connect Shillong with Guwahati airport. Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd, under the aegis of the Government of Meghalaya, has commenced regular helicopter flights connecting Shillong to Guwahati.
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Railhead : Guwahati is the nearest railhead and is well-connected to the rest of the country. From here you can take a bus or taxi to Shillong and then to Khasi Hills.

Road Transport : Both Deluxe and ordinary bus services are available. Meghalaya Road Transport also run regular bus services in Meghalaya.

Hotels and Staying at Khasi Hills in Meghalaya
Shillong being the capital city of Meghalaya has a good line of accommodation facility in and around itself. You may not too luxurious category of accommodation in Shillong. But, the accommodations available are good enough to provide you a perfect comfort.

Sightseeing Holiday tours in Khasi Hills
Umiam Lake
The majestic lake with its surrounding sylvan hills clothed in the beauty of the myriad emerald green Khasi-pines and the azure blue skies reflected on its clear water, have a hypnotising effect not only on casual visitors but upon all who find themselves in its idyllic setting. The Water Sports Complex situated in the lake provides a choice of row-boats, paddle-boats, cruise boats, sailing boats, water scooters and speed boats.

Lum Nehru Park
Adjacent to the Orchid Lake Resort, on one of the surrounding spurs, there is a charming Park. Besides beautiful lawns and flowers, there is also an orchidarium and aviary.
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56 Kms from Shillong, it is set amidst deep gores and roaring waterfalls. No other place in India can offer such variety, the monumental heritage.

Falls (Mawsmai Falls), the legendary Dain-thlen Falls, the romantic Nohkalikai Falls ( the world's fourth tallest) and smaller ones down every slope. Close by are a network of limestone caves between Cherrapunjee and Mawsmai, the ends of which are yet to be explored. Iets surroundings are also famous for orange orchards and orange honey.

55 Kms. From Shilong, it closely rivals Cherrapunjee in annual rainfall. Cherrapunjee tour will take to the famous picturesque cave of vast and unexplored depth, featuring a giant stalagmite, the slope of a natural Shivalinga. A place of pilgrimage and a natural wonder of sightseers.

A popular health resort with hot sulphur springs 64 Kms. From Shillong.
Ranikor Scintillating place of scenic beauty, it is located 140 Kms from Shillong. It is one of Meghlaya's most popular travel holiday spots for angling.

96 Kms. From Shillong, it is another excellent picnic attractions with silver streams and deeep water, magnificent views of the Khasi Hills on one side and Bangladesh on the other.

The Festival of Nongkrem
It is celebrated in early November every year and is one of the most important festivals of the Khasis. It is a five day religious festival held at Smit about 11 Kms from Shillong.The Festival is known as Ka Pomblang Nongkrem.

Shad Suk Mynsiem
Another important festival of the Khasis is Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem (Dance of the Joyful Heart). It is a thanks-giving usually celebrated in April. The festival lasts for 3 daysand can be choosen as a your holiday vacation in North East India.

The nearest railhead is at Guwahati, 104 Kms. Away. Guwahati also connects Shillong to the rest of India by air and road. There are regular Indian Airlines ad Jet Airways services form Delhi and Calcutta and the road between Shillong & Guwahati is a dream for motorists. For transport within the capital town, Shillong has city buses taxis.
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