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Meghalaya Museum: Meghalaya Government Museums display items of jeweler, art craft work. Famous Butterfly Museum tour in North East India has attractions of various colorful butterflies.
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Meghalaya Museum and Famous State Government Museums

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State : Meghalaya, in the north east of India.
Best time to Travel : September to March.

The State Government Museum of Meghalaya
The Government museum has a habitat section showing the living places of tribes, instruments used for hunting, fishing appliances, weapons, agricultural implements, transport equipment, domestic articles like pots, spoons, water jug, tobacco box, baskets.

Tribal Research Institute
The displayed exhibits include the colourful textiles, especially the shawls and garments worn by the local people, wooden and bone images, totems and masks, weapons and utilitarian implements, baskets and jewelry.

Botanical Garden & Museum
Just 2 km travel from the city of Shillong lies the famous Botanical Garden & Museum. The museum exhibits several species of the plant kingdom. Most of the plants displayed here are the found in Meghalaya. There are also some rare to find orchids on display.

Arunachal Pradesh Museum
About 3.5 km away from Shillong is the Arunachal Pradesh Museum. The museum here display the exquisite, famous items of Arunachal Pradesh. If you are not able to visit Arunachal Pradesh, then do visit this place.

Butterfly Museum Tour
This is about 1 km from Shillong. Meghalaya is home to numerous variety of butterflies, in exotic colours and patterns. Take a trip to visit this museum, which displays a wide spectrum of butterflies found in Meghalaya.
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