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Shopping Info on Famous Shops and Markets: Meghalaya is a shopping destinations that have various shopping markets and shops for tourist. Shop for popular handicraft bamboo items, articles in Meghalaya.
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Shopping Info on Famous Shops Markets and Handicraft in Meghalaya

Meghalaya HandicraftsMeghalaya Handicraft Market
Meghalaya is the homeland of three ancient hill communities, the Khasis, the Garos and the Jaintias. She is renowned for her scenic beauty. The natural surroundings has influenced the people of Meghalaya to produce a number of crafts. Meghalaya is known for various art and crafts. Cane and bamboo holds a prime place. Artistic textile weaving and woodcarving is practiced in Garo hills. While on your shopping tour, you need to be updated with information on best shopping places and markets in Meghalaya. Shop for Silk weaving of Endi silk is also very famous. Carpet weaving, ornaments, musical instruments are other specialities of Meghalaya. But the unique craft of this state is Pineapple fiber articles, in which fiber from its leaves is used for making various types of nets, bags and purses. The people of Meghalaya are in so much love with their form of handicrafts that, they have made their art and craft noticed in the outer world, despite several obstructions.
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The Handloom & Handicraft of Meghalaya
Cane and bamboo craft occupies an important place in the economy of the state, next only to agriculture. The artisans attend to the craft when free from agriculture. The products of bamboo and cane are mostly of two types, namely,

i) Articles required for day to day use and of medium quality, more suited to local requirements; and
ii) Articles of finer quality, both decorative and functional, to meet the requirements and tastes of more sophisticated markets.

The Khasis are known for creating attractive cane baskets and sieves. The Garos are also rich in the various forms of bamboo culture. There are many kinds of constructions and craft made from bamboo such as various kinds of basket and mat making. Articles such as baskets (locally known as khok or thugis) are popular. Artistic baskets known as meghum khoks are made in the Garo Hills, and are used by tribals to store valuable items including clothes. Khasi women in Meghalaya wear an attractive large round hat composed of a circular bamboo frame with a thick brim that is covered with cloth. The crown is worked with a pretty lattice design of cane at the edge and the top, each triangle in the pattern being tipped with a small circular blob. Mats, moorahs and Khasi umbrellas (locally known as kurup) are made in light and medium qualities.
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Some items, you can buy from the markets of Meghalaya.
» Baskets
» Open Weave Carrying Basket
» Closed Weave Carrying Basket
» Small Storage Baskets
» Coiled Cane Containers
» Large Storage Baskets
» Rain Shield and Headgears
» Winnowing Trays & Fans
» Mud Shovel from Shillong
» Shield made of bamboo splints
» Khasi Bamboo Comb
» Khasi Bamboo Pipes

Textile of MeghalayaTextile of Meghalaya
Weaving is the traditional occupation of Garo women and is currently pursued by almost every family. The production of cotton textile items is restricted by and large restricted to dakmanda, worn from the waist to a little below the knee. The Garos also weave shirting, bedcovers, bed sheets, and tablecloths. The endi silk produced in Meghalaya is famous for its texture and durability. The important center for weaving endi silk is Sonidan, a village of about hundred bamboo huts. Besides Sonidan, women in some other villages carry out endi silk weaving. Moreover, the production of jainsen (typical Meghalaya women’s wear) with local mulberry silk has also been introduced. Silk weaving has generally inspired through training of local weavers in a number of places, production on commercial lines.

The best Places and markets where you can find these handicraft products
The main shopping centres in the city are Police Bazar, Bara Bazar and Laitumkhrah. For handlooms and handicrafts, one can visit Meghalaya Handicrafts, Khadi Gramodyog and Purbashree. All os these are located at Shillong.
Experience Shopping In Meghalaya

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