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Mizoram: Travel to mizoram, the amazing hideouts with impressive ambience to make you holidays more entertaining.
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Caves of Mizoram

Caving In MizoramState : Mizoram, in the north east of India.
Best time to Travel : October to March.

The Caves of Mizoram
The caves are the most ideal place for the tourists, who are inclined towards the adventurous tour of Mizoram. The state of Mizoram has a wide array of caves, some of which are :

Pukzing Cave
Situated at Pukzing village near Marpara in the western hills within Aizawl district is the Pukzing Cave. Pukzing cave, which goes 25 m inside is the biggest cave in Mizoram. The legend says that the cave was carved out of the hills by a very strong man called Mualzavata, the name meaning a person who could clear hundred ranges of forest in just one day.
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Milu Puk
Milu Puk (cave of skulls) is a big cave situated near the village Mamte in Lunglei district, about 130 Km from Lunglei town in Mizoram. You will find a big heap of human skeletons in this cave. The skeletons seems to be of people who were taller than the Mizos and might have belonged to some other race, domesticating the area before the Mizos came. It is believed that, these people belonged to a tribe called 'Tlau".

Kungawrhi Puk
This is a big cave set on a hill between Farkawn and Vaphai villages in the south-eastern part of Aizawl district. The folktale related with this cave speaks of a beautiful young girl named Kungawrhi, after whom this cave was named. She got married to a brave young man, named Pnathira. When the couple was going to Pnathira's village after the marriage, some spirits, attrcated by her beauty, abducted her. The spirits brought her to this cave and kept her confined in it. Later she was rescued by her brave husband from the cave.
Mizoram Caves
Lamsial Puk
The cave Lamsial Puk is located close to the village Farkawn in the south-eastern part of Aizawl district. This cave features a gruesome witness of a fight between two neighbouring villages in which many warriors were killed. The bodies of the warriors of the Lamsial village were kept in this cave. The village is no longer exists. But there are many skeletons in the Lamsial puk which recall the horrible incident.
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