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Flora Fauna of Mizoram and Famous Wildlife National Park Tours: Mizoram has rich variety of Flora and Fauna attractions. Take Wildlife safari tours in famous National Park and sanctuaries to exploe rich Flora Fauna of Mizoram.
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Flora Fauna of Mizoram and Famous Wildlife National Park Tours

Flora & Fauna of MizoramState : Mizoram, in the north east of India.
Best time to Travel : November to March.

The Weather Conditions : The climate is amiable, generally cool and soothing in summer, and not very chilling in winter. It rains heavily from May to September.

Location : Situated in the north east of India. Mizoram is sandwiched between Burma on the east and south, Bangladesh and Tripura in the west and Assam and Manipur to the north.

The Flora & Fauna in Mizoram
The Landscape of Mizoram
Mizoram perched on the high hills of the north eastern corner of India, is home to a rich variety of flora & fauna distributed in its lush green environment. Mizoram in India is flanked by Bangladesh on the west, and Myanmar on the east and south. Mizoram has the most diversified hilly terrain in the eastern India. The hills are steep, and separated by rivers rolling either to the north or south, forming deep gorges between the hill ranges. Mizoram is a treasure - trove of natural beauty, with its green valleys and vales, swirling streams and cascading falls, awesome fields of exotic blooms, and an abundant wildlife population in famous National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries of Mizoram.
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The Flora of Mizoram
The state has dense bamboo forests. Rivers run in narrow ribbons that seem to be challenging the onlookers to plunge in for some adventure and entertainment. The hill ranges standing in north-south direction are brilliant with green plantations throughout the year. Orchids are abundant in Mizoram. Epiphytic orchids are greater in number than terrestrial ones. Some of the rare species of orchids endemic to Mizoram consist of fine foliage and bright flowers of great interest to garden lovers. The highest peak, Phawngpui Mountain (vast meadow), also known as Blue Mountain, a garden of rhododendron of arboretum and veitchianum species is 2,065 m (7,100 ft) high. There are a number of hilly streams and rivers which murmur through picture postcard scenario. The forests house some of the rare varieties of orchids that are found only in this region.

The Fauna The Wildlife of Mizoram
The forest area of Mizoram is inhabited by swamp deer, tiger, leopard, elephant and hoolock gibbon. Mizoram can boast of a variety of wild life famous Wildlife National Parks and sanctuaries like animal population is accumulated mostly in the Dampa Sanctuary, established in 1976 at the north-western tip of Mizo hills.
Mizoram Birds
Available records show that a wide range of insects, Molluscs, Crustaceans, a few 1,000 species of insects, about 12 species of Butterflies and Moths , 20 of Beetles, 13 of Molluscs and various types of Snails are found in Mizoram. Seven species of Owls, 10 of Pheasants, 12 of Hawks and Eagles, 11 of Bulbuls belonging to 13 families, nine of Egrets and Herons too exist here. The wildlife tours includes sighgting of mammals like of Black and Wild Bear Tiger, Leopard, Hoolock Gibbon, Chinese Pangolin, Clawless Otter, Porcupine and Mongoose.
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