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Mizoram: Travel to mizoram, the amazing hideouts with impressive ambience to make you holidays more entertaining.
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Lakes of Mizoram

Mizoram LakeState :Mizoram, in the north east of India.
Best time to Travel : November to March.

The Lakes of Mizoram
The state of Mizoram has a number of beautiful lakes situated in different parts of its territory. Lakes are scattered through out the state. But there are few, which are worth a visit. The most important of them are Palak, Tamdil, Rungdil; and Rengdil. The lake of Mizoram are ideal of boating and fishing. All the locations are distinct and picturesque, providing a lovely sight to the onlookers.

Some of the lake in Mizoram are :
Tamdil Lake
Tamdil is situated in Aizawl district. The Tamdil lake is a natural lake situated about 110 km south-east of Aizwal town and 7 km from Saitual village. Legend has it there was once a huge mustard plant in the place of the lake. When the plant was cut off, jets of water sprayed out from the plant creating a pool of water, and thus the name Tamdil which means of 'Lake of Mustard Plant' was born. Today the lake is a major tourist spot and a holiday resort.
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The lake is encircled by tropical evergreen and moist deciduous forest with species like Sehenia Wallichii, Chikrassia tabularis, Albizzia sp., Artocarpus sp., Merus sp., bamboos etc. The aquatic fauna here consists of fish. There lake has plenty of prawns. The forest surrounding the lake inhabits bear, deer, wild pig and common avi-fauna.

Palak Lake
The lake is situated in an inaccessible land in the southern part of Mizoram. The Palak lake is situated in the Lakher region of Chhimtuipui district, 130 km south-west of Saiha, the district headquarters and 5 km from Pahu village. It is an oval lake, 200 m long and 150 m wide, occupying an area of 30 ha. It is said that, the lake came into existence as a result of an earthquake or a flood. The local people believe a village which was submerged still remains intact deep under the waters of the lake.

The lake is bounded by tropical evergreen and moist deciduous forests including species like Dipterocarpus sp., Michelia sp., Schina Wallichin, Mesua ferrea, Chikrassia tabularies, cedrella tonna, Albizzia sp., Termemalia sp., Lagerstromia sp., Biscofia Javamica, Ficus sp., Artocarpus sp., Tetrameles nudiflore, bamboos, canes etc.

The lake is abound with fish and crab. Bear, tiger, deer, wild pig, and variety of avifauna are found in the surrounding forests of the lake. In Mizoram, Palak Lake is the only abode of aquatic birds, with the wild duck of various species.
Rungdil Lake
Rungdil Lake
Rungdil Lake is situated 14 km from Suangpuilawn village in Aizwal district. It has an area of 2.5 ha. Rungdil (lake of partridge) has acquire, because at one time it was the home to a large number of partridges.

Rungdil Lake consists of two lakes, more or less similar, separated by a narrow strip of land. It is said that if a pumpkin is cut into two halves and one is put in one lake, it will surface in the other lake. The two lakes are believed to have a subterranean connection. The lake is bounded by tropical evergreen deciduous forests. Its flora and fauna are of similar type as found in and around the other lakes in Mizoram.

Rengdil Lake
This is a man made lake unlike the other lakes described earlier which are all natural lakes. This lake is situated in Aizawl district , 150 km to the north-west of Aizwal and about 8 km from Zamuang village. It worth a visit.
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