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Mizoram Tourist Attractions and Famous Places to Visit: Mizoram has many tourist places of interest and best tourist attractions for visitors. Take City tours to travel famous destinations and sports to see and visit in Mizoram.
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Mizoram Tourist Attractions and Famous Places to Visit

Phawngpui Attractions includes the Blue Mountain of Mizoram is a highly revered peak, considered to be the abode of the Gods. Phawngpui Peak ...
Sibuta Lung
Sibuta Lung is a memorial stone found at Tachhip village. This is a famous place to visit 20 Km from Aizawl town. Sibuta Lung was raised by a Palian chief about 300 years ago...
Phulpui Grave
There are the famous tourist attractions of two graves at Phulpui village in the Aizawl district of Mizoram India. It is said that, Zawlpala, Chief of Phulpui village, married the ...

Memorial of Chhingpui
Memorial of Chhingpui is a famous tourist attractions of memorial stone raised in the memory of a beautiful young woman called Chhingpui in a place between Baktawng ...
Pangzawl village of Lunglei district in Mizoram is another famous place to visit which is related with the tragic folklore of Chawngungi. Chawngungi was a very beautiful girl..
Mangkahia Lung
Mangkahia Lung is a famous place to visit which is located at Champhai in Aizawl district of Mizoram India, near the Myanmar border. Mangkahia Lung is a very large memorial stone also ...

Tomb of Vanhimailian
Vanhimailian Sailo was a great chief who ruled over Champhai. A tomb know as the 'Tomb of Vanhimailian' was erected in Vanhimailian and has become a famous tourist sport for the visitors...
Tualchang is a row of stone slabs situated near Tualchang village in the eastern part of Aizawl district, in Mizoram. The largest of the rocks ...
Lungvandawt means a stone reaching heaven. Lungvandawt is a very tall beautiful chiselled pillar made of stone, which is about ...

An engraved image of Lord Buddha has been discovered about 8 km away from Mualchang village and 50 km from Lunglei town in Mizoram is very popular tourist places to visit ....

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