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Hornbill Tourism Festival Tour on Rich Traditions Culture: Hornbill is famous Tourism Festival Tour that shows rich traditions, culture of Nagaland. The cultural festival is celebrated in December in North East India.
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Hornbill Tourism Festival Tour on Rich Traditions Culture of Nagaland

Horn Bill FestivalFestival Details
Time : 1st week of December (Every year)
Venue : Kohima, Nagaland in India.
Celebrated By : All the tribes of Nagaland.
Duration : 8 days

The Festival
Nagaland known as the land of ‘Naga’ people is also the land of festivals with one festival followed by another round the year. In order to facilitate tourists to have a glimpse of all the Naga festivals at one time and one place, the Government of Nagaland Tourism has evolved a festival called Tourism Hornbill Festival, which is celebrated at Kohima, the capital town of Nagaland. The Hornbill Festival celebrated between 1st & 5th of December every year. The Hornbill Tourism Festival of Nagaland is aimed at reviving, protecting and sustaining richness of the Naga heritage and traditions. This is done through cultural extravaganza worth experiencing.
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The state of Nagaland boasts 16 major tribes. The names of the tribes are not a typical recitation of Indian ethnic groups - the Angamis, the Aos, the Chakhesangs, the Konyaks, the Kukis, the Kacharis, the Sumis, the Changs, the Lothas, the Pochurys. All the tribes are noted for their unique character. Nagaland’s calendar is filled with various tribal fests throughout the year.

In the year 2000, Nagaland’s government decided to have all of the state’s tribes engage in a common festival. Thus was born the Hornbill Festival, which is celebrated the in the first week of December in the Nagaland's capital city - Kohima.

The Activities
Horn Bill FestivalThe state of Nagaland Tourism still supports a tribal culture and rich traditions here at the Hornbill Festival, in the state capital Kohima, this is celebrated with a series of performances and demonstrations. The Festival is named after the hornbill, a globally respected bird that shows up in the folklore of most of the state’s tribes. This one week long festival unite all of the Nagaland, in one giant colour-splashed hodgepodge of dances, performances, crafts, parades, games, sports, food fairs and religious ceremonies. The festival both exposes the cultural Tourism and tradition of tribal people and rein forces Nagaland’s identity as an unique state in India’s federal union.

Traditional arts are also featured, with paintings, wood carvings and sculptures by modern Naga artists on display. Naga troupes sing folk songs, perform traditional dances and play indigenous games and sports. In the evenings a programme of music concerts, catering for all tastes, ensure that the festive spirit continues through the night.

Travel to Kohima
Airports : Dimapur (74 km) is nearest airport which is air linked with Calcutta.

Railheads : Dimapur also serves as the nearest railhead, and is connected with some major cities of India.

Road Transport : By road, Kohima is accessed by National Highway 39. Kohima is well connected by this road from Dimapur.

Staying in Nagaland
While Nagaland is not a mainstream Indian tourist destination, it offers a range of accommodations from spare and simple to deluxe.
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