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Nagaland Important Tribes and Famous Tribal Festival Tours: Nagaland is full of tribal populations. Here are some important tribes and famous tribal festival tours of Nagaland in North East India.
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Nagaland Important Tribes and Famous Tribal Festival Tours

Nagaland Traibe
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Time : February.
Celebrated By : Pochury Tribes.
Venue : Phek, Nagaland in India.
Duration : 10 Days.

The Nagaland Tribal Festival
The Nazu festival is one of the most merrymaking festivals of the Pochury tribe of Nagaland. This gala event is celebrated for 10 days in the month February prior to the sowing of seeds for the year. The festival is celebrated with must glitter and gaiety. Songs and dances are performed by the Pochury tribe during this occasion. Khupielilie dance is one of them performed by the women folk of the Pochury tribe. It is more entertaining and competitive than ritualistic.

The Dress Worn by the Dancers
The dancers wear Ascunyi (Ribbon like head dress), Kiileniinyi (Long mekhala worn from the chest down to the calf), Achulhre (Necklace like ornament worn round the waist over the Killeniinyi), Akhi (Armlet), Akhusa (Bangle for forearm) and beautiful necklaces called Asker. This dance is noted for the harmonious movements of hands and legs along with the songs of different tunes and beats.

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