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Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary: Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary is famous wildlife reserve of Tripura. Take Jeep Safari Tour to explore the great wilds and jungle resorts of Tripura.
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Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary and Jeep Safari Tours in Tripura

Trishna Wildlife SanctuaryState : Tripura, in the north eastern part of India.
Best time to Travel : Through out the year.
Weather Condition : Max - 37.7 degree cent. in June; Min - 6.8 degree cent. in January; Rainfall : Max - 508.20 m in July. Min - 03.58 m in December.
Location : Located in South Tripura District and it is 18 km away from the sub-divisional town of Belonia and is connected with Agartala by a state highway.

Know Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura
Covering an area of 197.7 sq km, the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura is a rich in vegetation and fauna. Trishna Wildlife can be approached either from Belonia in the south or from Sonamura in the northern part of the state. The Trishna wildlife Sanctuary was notified in the year November 1988. The jungle is rich in forest reserve with abundant patches of virgin forest reserve. There are various jeep safari tours and wildlife trips specially organized inside the sanctuary to part with unique educative value to the school going children, academicians, Botanists, environmentalists, taxonomists and visitors.
The Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most conserved forest reserve with rich Bio-diversity. The forest reserve is ideally planned for Education & Awareness and Entertainment & Amusement.
Indian Gaur (Bison) is an attraction of this place. Apart from it, there are varieties of birds, Deer, Hooklock Gibbon,Golden Langur, Capped Langur, Pheasants and many other animals and reptiles. Bison is the main attraction in this sanctuary, in addition to the resident and migratory birds.
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Journey to the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary
Airport : Nearest airport is at Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. It is about 107 km from the park.

Road Transport : By road Agartala is about 95 km from the sanctuary. One can easily take a bus or taxi from Agartala to reach the sanctuary.

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary Staying near the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary
Accommodation is available at Forest Rest House Rajnagar, Van Mahal at Belonia and Revenue Dak Bunglow at Rajnagar

The Ecosystem of the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary
The Landscape
The landscape of Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura rich in greenery both from inside and outside.
According to the crop diversity Forest of Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary can be divided into 3 (three) parts.
The dense forest covers 62% of the total area, 18% is covered by degraded forest and the rest 20% is covered by bushy forest. Sanctuary also has a numbers of perennial water rivulets, water bodies, grass land.

The Flora
Forest types of the sanctuary are classified mainly into four types. The sanctuary has Tropical Semi Evergreen Forest, East Himalayan lower Bhabar sal, Moist mixed deciduous Forest and Savanah wood land. One species of Bamboo Oxtenanthera Nigrocilliate locally known as Kaillai is found in abundance at this place, leaves of which are liked by Bison. This bamboo is said be endemic.
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The vegetation of the Sanctuary is unique through out its area. There are numbers of tree species, herb, Shrubs, climbers, grass etc. in the Trishna Sanctuary Tripura. There are 230 nos of trees species 400 nos herbs, 110. Nos shrubs and 150 nos climbers available in the Sanctuary. Among the floral diversity there are good nos of species of Flora & Fauna of Mizoramhaving medicinal value. Kurcha, Tulsi, Vasak, Sarpaganda, Rudraksha, Bel, Chirata, Kalamegh etc. are medicinal plants available in plenty.

The Fauna
The Trishna Sanctuary is diverse in flora and fauna stock. Wildlife safari tours will encounter with famous Bison locally known as “Gaba” and several species of “Primates”. Some of the species found here are -
Bos gaurus (Indian Bison), Trachypithecus phayrie(Spectacle langur), Hylobates hoolock (Hoolock Gibbon), Macacca mulatta (Lalmukh Bandar), Trachypithecus pileatus (Capped Langur), Sus scrofa (Wild boar), Felis chaus (Wild cat), Panthera pardus (Leopard).

The Birds
Several bird species are found inside the sanctuary. A few of then are – Pheasant tailed Jacana, Red Jungle Fowl, White breasted king Fisher, Indian Black drongo, Tailer bird, Jungle Myna, Parrot, Eagle, Hornbill, Dove etc.
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